Data/Image Storage

General and specialty specific Image Storage Solution providers use various storage technologies such as RAIDS, magnetic systems, WORM-CDROM, RW-CDROM, Magneto-optical systems, RW-DVD, DATs, or other memory storage devices. These hardware devices are used by different database systems (such as relationalobject orientedmulti-dimensional, and groupware programs) for the centralized storage and retrieval of multimedia data types. However, a distributed architecture for data storage and retrieval requires middleware components which utilize DCOM, Enterprise Java Beans, CORBA, and/or XML for retrieval and storage of objects.

CompanyProduct(s)Base Price
Access Radiology CorpPACS
Acuson Corp.PACS and MiniPACS
Agfa Medical Imaging Products Div. (Bayer Corp.)IMAPAX
Algotec Systems Ltd.PACS
ALI Technologies Inc. + OliconUltraPacs and PACS
Analogic Corp.
DeJarnette (partnered with Swearingen for RIS)
Fischer Imaging Corp.
Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer GraphicsMultimedia Database
Fuji Medical SystemsPACS (Synapse)
GE Medical SystemsAdvantage Network and Applicare’s System
Hitachi America Medical Systems
InfocureRadmanOutpatient RIS
Inspektor Research SystemsVisiplex image database
Kodak Health Imaging Services and acquisition of Imation’s Medical Imaging Division ie. Cemax-IconPACS
Lockheed Martin/Loral Medical Imaging Systems
Lumisys Corp.PACS
Merge TechnologiesMergeCom-3
Mitra ImagingPACS Broker (Information manager for PACS)Image Vault (DICOM-compatible image archiving solution for cardiology, pathology, endoscopy, and other clinical areas outside of radiology )Exhibit Web Server (for distributing results from radiology and cardiology to the rest of the enterprise/network)
Rogan Imaging CorporationPACS
Shimadzu Medical SystemsPACS
Siemens Medical SystemsPACS
Softwerks Microsystems Inc.
Storage Concepts Inc.RAID solutionsVidoeplex video serverVLDA solutions
Sudbury SystemsPACS
Toshiba America Medical Systems
Varian AssociatesPACS